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Best Basketball Speed and Agility Drills

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There are four separate drills in the Dynamic Shooting Drills.The first is the Dynamic Shooter Drill. Athletes will need a Speed and Agility Ladder (set up just outside the key), a set of (attached just above the knees), a basketball, a partner, and 1-3 Speed and Agility Cones. Athletes should set the Speed and Agility Cones at points on the floor from which the athlete regularly shoots. Athletes will begin the drill by working through the Speed and Agility Ladder performing either the single step through, the icky shuffle, the wide hop, or 1-2 combo. Once the ladder is cleared athletes will rebound a ball off of the basket, perform an outlet pass to their partner, then quickly move to the designated Speed and Agility Cone. Once at the cone athletes will receive a pass from their partner and take a shot. Athletes will perform 8-10 resisted sets of the drill before removing the and performing 6-10 unresisted sets.

To set up for the Pressure Defense Drill, drill number two, athletes will need a basketball, a partner, 8 Speed and Agility Cones, and a set of attached above their knees. Athletes will set up the first 3 Speed and Agility Cones 8-10 feet apart at 45 degree angles from each other, working down the basketball court. The final 5 will be placed 5-6 feet apart with one row of 2 cones and one row of 3 cones. This cone set up should create a box with 1 cone sticking out of the bottom. Athletes will move backward laterally from cone to cone mimicking an offensive player driving down the court attempting to pass the athlete. Once the athlete clears the cone set up, their partner will roll a basketball to them, the athlete will take one power dribble, and perform an outlet pass to their partner. Complete 4-6 resisted sets on both the right and the left side before removing the and performing 2 unresisted repetitions to each side.

For the third drill, the Triangle Drop Step Drill, athletes will need a set of attached just above the knees, a basketball, a partner, and 3 Speed and Agility Cones spaced 6-8 feet apart. Athletes will move across the baseline and to the top cone before moving back between the base of the cone and moving to the top cone via the opposite side. Every time and athlete reaches a corner cone (not the top cone) they will receive a pass which they will quickly return to their partner. Athletes will work through 6-8 15-20 second sets before removing the, taking a 2-5 minute break, and performing 2-4 unresisted sets.

To perform the final drill, Press Defense Drill, athletes will need 3 Speed and Agility Cones (two cones on the elbow, one in the middle), a basketball, a partner, and a set of. Athletes will begin the drill by performing one power dribble and a layup, then quickly return to the middle cone. Partners will pick up the ball and simulate an inbound pass by using their eyes and body movements to move the athlete through the three cones. Athletes will simulate stealing the inbound, performing a layup, and returning to the middle cone. Perform 4-6 resisted sets of the drill, followed by 3-4 unresisted sets of the drill. Allow 60-90 seconds of rest between sets.