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Plyometrics and agility for kids

Plyometrics and agility for kids – you can use this exercise in all sports, basketball, soccer, football, handball and other martial arts

publish 8. siječnja 2018. 6983
Handball SAQ training Arab representation

Speed training agility and explosion on agile ladders, and various similar props

publish 20. prosinca 2017. 5056
Agility Ladder Training with a Soccer Ball

This video is about using the Agility Ladder with a Soccer Ball to improve your footwork and agility.

publish 20. prosinca 2017. 6619
Agility Ladder Workout in the Pool

Agility Ladder Workout in the Pool

publish 20. prosinca 2017. 5618
Best Basketball Training – Motivation – SAQ

An overview of T.A.P.E. Training Systems Basketball Athletes & Training in 2013.

publish 20. prosinca 2017. 5245
SAQ training in handball with cones

SAQ training in handball with cones

publish 20. prosinca 2017. 5862
10 min Basketball Dynamic Warm Up

A 10 min Dynamic Warm Up used at Concordia University College’s Identification Camp. 56 players, 10 mins, no equipment.

publish 18. prosinca 2017. 5457
Sports Performance – Functional Football Tabata

ESPT Sports Performance Video; A different take on the Tabata training approach and how it can be adapted for the game of football.

publish 18. prosinca 2017. 5926
Functional Training in fitness center

Functional Training in fitness center

publish 18. prosinca 2017. 4205
Basketball drills conditioning, agility, and leg strength

Video tutorial to gain speed, agility, and build strength in your legs for basketball training. Exercises include frog leaps, slides, short steps, high knees, power cord movements, agility exercises.

publish 2. rujna 2017. 3170
Fanny Clavien – SAQ karate training

Fanny Clavien – Functional karate training

publish 1. kolovoza 2017. 4145
Incredible basketball training of 6 year old girl

Jaliyah Manuel is a 6-Year-Old basketball phenom with incredible skills.

publish 27. srpnja 2017. 2511

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